ProLogis Builds Houses, Changes Lives

Out of ProLogis Mexico’s relationship with Margarita Zavala de Caldéron, first lady of Mexico, came a social responsibility program the team developed in partnership with the Mexican organization, DIF. DIF’s mission is to implement, apply and give dimension to public policies in relation to social assistance in Mexico.

ProLogis Mexico worked with DIF to design a project that fits in with ProLogis’ community engagement efforts and combines employee involvement with financial support.

To start off, ProLogis visited children who are part of the program called De la Calle a la Vida, focused in creating better living conditions and more opportunities in Mexico, providing children with incentives to grow.

Ultimately, ProLogis selected two of the children’s families who were currently living in very precarious conditions. Their houses did not have roofs, among many other deficiencies. ProLogis donated the improvements to these families in an effort to significantly improve their everyday life.

ProLogis reached out to contractor Copachisa for their assistance in this project, and Copachisa donated a portion of their work to help in the effort.

This housing donation was the beginning of a dedicated effort by ProLogis Mexico to focus its social responsibility efforts on helping to improve the lives of marginalized populations throughout the country. The team has several other projects planned in conjunction with the program laid out with DIF.

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