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NoticiasAmbientalLos 100 mejores "ecotuiteros"

Los 100 mejores «ecotuiteros»

Twitter verde via Shutterstock
Twitter verde via Shutterstock

Twitter se ha convertido en los últimos años en una gran herramienta para conocer más sobre los temas más relevantes relacionados con ambientalismo. Cientos de activistas, periodistas y demás expertos usan la red social para dar a conocer los problemas más apremientes y las soluciones más innovadoras. Es por eso que el portal Corporate Knights, en conjunto con Brandwatch, empresa especializada en el análisis de redes sociales, publicaron hace unas semanas un ranking de los cien mejores «ecotuiteros.»

El listado se decidió mediante una «calificación verde», calculada teniendo en cuenta tres factores: autoridad, audiencia y actividad. Entre las 10 mil personas analizadas, se armó una lista final con los cien mejores usuarios, entre los que se encuentran tanto individuos que han logrado tener una gran cantidad se seguires hasta ambientalistas profesionales. Así, dice al publicación, se logró reunir a quienes tienen la «mayor credibilidad verde» dentro de Twitter.

En el primer lugar se encuentra el periodista Bill McKibben, fundador de la organización independiente 350.org e impulsor de encontrar alternativas a los combustibles fósiles. McKibben se unió a Twitter en 2009 y en la actualidad cuenta con más de 150 mil seguidores, logrando una «calificación verde» casi perfecta de 94 de 100.

En segundo lugar está el columnista de The Guardian George Monbiot, con el mismo puntaje. Completando el top 5 están la activista de Greenpeace Irina Tikhomirova, la secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático Christiana Figueres y Judd Legum, director ejecutivo del sitio web Think Progress.

La lista es muy heterogénea, incluyendo al ex vicepresidente de Estados Unidos Al Gore, a la escritora Margaret Atwood y a las superestrellas de Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio y Mark Ruffalo, pasando por grandes hombres de negocios como Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg y Bill Gates, pero quienes dominan el ranking son los periodistas.

Para facilitar que los lectores puedan seguir a los 100 usuarios, Corporate Knights creó un listado en la red social, además de publicar una tabla en la que aprecen los nombres reales, nombres de usuario, biografías de Twitter y la calificación de cada uno. Esta puede consultarse a continuación:

1 Bill McKibben @billmckibben Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of http://t.co/Wy9Mw8NGD7 94
2 George Monbiot @georgemonbiot «I love not man the less, but Nature more» – Guardian columnist and environmentalist 94
3 Irina Tikhomirova @IrinaGreenVoice Master’s in Environmental Protection/Greenpeace Online Activist. Digital artist,Dreamer,Veggie, Love our Planet,Tweet to inspire #SaveTheArctic #FreeTheArctic30 92
4 Christiana Figueres @CFigueres Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Passionate about fighting climate change. Mother of two wonderful young ladies. 92
5 Judd Legum @JuddLegum Editor-in-chief @thinkprogress. Gchat: [email protected]. 92
6 Al Gore @algore Former Vice-President, US 92
7 Kumi Naidoo @kuminaidoo Activist. Humanist. Speaking truth to power. Greenpeace International Executive Director. Tweets by Kumi and his team. 91
8 Michael E.Mann @MichaelEMann Climate Scientist, Professor, and Director of Penn State Earth System Science Center. Author of Dire Predictions & The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars 91
9 Svein T Veitdal @tveitdal Tweeting Climate Change news and Climate Information English/Norwegian, IPCC, Director Klima 2020, former UN Director 91
10 Diane N56 @DianeN56 The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat. ~Jacques Yves Cousteau 91
11 Richard Branson @richardbranson Tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin! 91
12 Andy Revkin @Revkin Pursuing progress on a finite planet at @dotearth and http://Pace.edu/Academy The rest? Family, friends, songs: http://j.mp/revkinmusic http://veryfinelines.com 90
13 Christine Milne @senatormilne Australian Greens Leader and Senator for Tasmania Authorised by Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 90
14 David Roberts @drvox Seattleite transplanted from Tennessee; now blogging for Vox about energy politics. Climate hawk, deficit dove. 90
15 Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas MP for Brighton Pavilion; Former Leader of the Green Party; Mum 90
16 Josh Fox @gaslandmovie Director of Gasland parts I and II, Artistic Director of International WOW Company. This twitter feed is mostly about Gasland. #banfracking #gorenewable 90
17 Ray Beckerman @RayBeckerman A NYC business lawyer, I tweet about law, social justice, human rights, nature, human & animal rights, the arts, ecology. 90
18 Calestous Juma @calestous Harvard Kennedy School Professor interested in science, technology and innovation for development. To follow is a privilege; to be followed is an honor. 90
19 Bill Gates @BillGates Sharing things I’m learning through my foundation work and other interests… 90
20 Dusty Gedge @greenroofsuk biodiversity professional, green roof campaigner/designer,public speaker, ecosystems services and green roof trainer – indigenous people + justice 89
21 Yeb Sa_o @YebSano Climate Change Commissioner; old soul; environmentalist; philosopher; father; nature lover; peace activist; revolutionary 89
22 James Murray @James_BG Editor of http://BusinessGreen.com – tweeting in a personal capacity, check out @BusinessGreen for the official feed 89
23 John Pratt @Jackthelad1947 Live simply so others can simply live. Climate change is a global emergency. Carbon pollution kills. Polluters should pay. Refugees need our support. 89
24 Kate Sheppard @kate_sheppard Reporter/enviro editor @HuffPostPol, VP of membership at @sejorg, and grad student at @AmericanU. Fan of the serial comma. 89
25 Julie Urlaub @TaigaCompany Sustainability & Social Media Consultant – Founder of Taiga Company – Speaker – Author of The Business Sustainability Handbook – Mountain bike racer. 89
26 Naomi Klein @NaomiAKlein They say I’m polarizing 89
27 Ivan Roberson @ivanroberson We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. Ancient Indian Proverb #UniteBlue 89
28 FrackingTestSubject @gardencatlady Artist, Pacifist, I would love to see a peaceful, clean earth, with respect for all living beings. 89
29 Green Bean @iamgreenbean Climate change activist, conservationist, progressive, gardener. – Don’t hate the media, become the media. – Jello Biafra 89
30 Sunny Hundal @sunny_hundal Writer; journalist; Guardian & Al-Jazeera contributor; lecturer at Kingston Uni; activist; environmentalist; feminist. Only tweet currents affairs. Get my book! 89
31 David Shiffman @whysharksmatter I am a marine biologist studying shark conservation and a blogger. I support science-based management and sustainable fishing, and do not support direct action. 89
32 Danielle Nierenberg @DaniNierenberg Co-Founder @Food_Tank. Email me: [email protected]. Weekly E-Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/srFyP 89
33 Michael Pollan @michaelpollan Author of Cooked; Food Rules; In Defense of Food; The Omnivore’s Dilemma; The Botany of Desire; A Place of My Own and Second Nature. 89
34 Mark Ruffalo @markruffalo Actor/Director/Hulk 89
35 Brent Toderian @BrentToderian City planner + urbanist, @TODUrbanWORKS; former Vancouver Chief Planner; President of @CanUrbanism; CBC Radio columnist; writer/speaker/teacher/city-maker. 89
36 Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus America’s weather-predicting boyfriend’ @Awl – Born at 340.1 ppm – Meteorologist, nerding it up @slate & @vice 89
37 Igor Volsky @igorvolsky Managing Editor at @ThinkProgress. E-mail: [email protected] 89
38 Elizabeth May @ElizabethMay Leader of Green Party, MP – Saanich-Gulf Islands, activist, author & mother. Tweets are Elizabeth’s unless signed by Hill Staff – @MayElizabeth 88
39 Kees Van der Leun @Sustainable2050 27 years of dedication to sustainable energy: consultant, bus dev, mgr, strategist, and climate hawk. COO @Ecofys. 100% renewable energy is possible in 2050! 88
40 Dominic Dyer @domdyer70 Writer, broadcaster, campaigner passionate about farming and food, wildlife and conservation and relations between America and Europe. 88
41 Damian Carrington @dpcarrington I’m head of environment at the Guardian 88
42 Christopher N. Fox @ChristopherNFox Husband/Dad. Work at Ceres on sustainability, climate change, clean energy – http://www.Ceres.org – @CeresNews @INCRnews @BICEPnews @GISRnews – tweets=mine 88
43 Peter Gleick @PeterGleick Pacific Institute; sustainability; climate/water scientist; member National Academy of Science, MacArthur Fellow; author of Bottled and Sold. Tweets are my own. 88
44 Juan Cole @jricole Public intellectual: Global affairs, Environment, Human Rights, Progressive Politics, Poetry & Literature, Pop Culture, Spirituality 88
45 Scott Ludlam @SenatorLudlam Authorised by Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 88
46 Alice Stollmeyer @StollmeyerEU EU energy & climate policies | Advocating good governance, adequate measures & urgent action to protect Earth for present & future generations 88
47 Zaid Jilani @ZaidJilani Formerly @thinkprogress, @unitedrep, @boldprogressive. Now @SyracuseU grad student Love cats, the South, and cheesecake. Graduating June 2014! 88
48 Mike Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg Entrepreneur, Former Mayor of New York City, Philanthropist. 88
49 Leonardo DiCaprio @LeoDicaprio Actor and Environmentalist 88
50 Clara Jeffery @ClaraJeffery Co-editor of Mother Jones. Mom. One very tired lady. (Hats via @darth) 88
51 Richard Florida @Richard_Florida Director, @MartinProsperiT University of Toronto, Global Research Professor NYU, Editor at Large @AtlanticCities 88
52 Natalie Ben @natalieben Leader of Green Party of England and Wales 87
53 Connie Hedegaard @CoHedegaard I am former EU Commissioner for Climate Action | This feed is personally maintained by me | Everything here is quotable | 87
54 Margaret E. Atwood @MargaretAtwood Author 87
55 Laurel Davila @laureldavilacpa #Democrat #Feminist #Environmentalist #Humanist #LGBT Ally #CivilRights #Union #OFA #P2 #TopProg #UniteBlue #LibCrib #PDMFNB 87
56 Franke James @frankejames Blacklisted’ Artist/author. See Oh No Canada! in Washington DC and Do Not Talk about Climate Change in Calgary Alberta 87
57 Brad Plumer @bradplumer Reporter at the Washington Post. On the apocalypse beat, more or less. 87
58 Elon Musk @elonmusk Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity & PayPal 87
59 Jamie Henn @Agent350 http://350.org Co-founder and Communications Director 87
60 Mark Lynas @mark_lynas Environmentalist. Author of ‘Nuclear 2.0’, ‘Six Degrees’ & ‘The God Species’. Visiting Fellow at Cornell Uni. 86
61 Alex Steffen @AlexSteffen I try to live well, have fun and be a good ancestor. Planetary Futurist in Residence at @IDEO; @planetarystory; @C02zero; @worldchanging. I block rudeness. 86
62 Marc Gunther @MarcGunther writer on business and nonprofits, editor-at-large Guardian Sustainable Business US, blogger at http://nonprofitchronicles.com 86
63 Sarah Kliff @sarahkliff I write for Vox. Formerly: Washington Post, Politico, Newsweek and, back in the day, Student Life. Health-care nerd. [email protected] 86
64 JPascal van Ypersele @JPvanYpersele IPCC Vice-chair, physicist, UCLouvain Prof climatology, Royal Acad. Dedicated to policy-neutral, but relevant, assessments of climate issues to advance Humanity 86
65 Matthew Rimmer @DrRimmer IP Academic, ARC Future Fellow, @ANU_Law, ACIPA. #Copyright #Patent #TradeMark #FairIT4Oz #3DPrinting #Biotech #Medicine #Plainpacks #Cleantech #Climate #TPP 86
66 Andrew Leach @andrew_leach Enbridge Professor of Energy Policy @ualberta. Delightfully wonkish. Troll with cred. My writing is as dense as a bucket of bitumen. 86
67 Helen Clark @HelenClarkUNDP I’m Administrator @UNDP and former Prime Minister of #NewZealand, passionate about human #development world-wide. 86
68 Leo Hickman @LeoHickman Chief Adviser, Climate Change at @WWF_UK. Served 16 years at the Guardian. Author of A Life Stripped Bare, The Final Call, Will Jellyfish Rule the World?… 86
69 Adam Vaughn @adamvaughn_uk Editor of the Guardian’s environment site (@guardianeco). Running addict. Email – [email protected] 86
70 Kelly Rigg @kellyrigg Executive Director of GCCA (tck).I’ve been running campaigns for longer than I care to remember, many of them for Greenpeace. Tweets reflect personal views only 86
71 Greg Barker @GregBarkerUK Former MP, Minister for Energy and Climate Change & Prime Minister’s Climate Envoy but now Chair of London Sustainable Development Commisson 86
72 Christopher Mims @mims Technology columnist at @WSJ. Texan. 86
73 Adam Bandt @adambandt MP for Melbourne & Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens. Authorised by Adam Bandt, 280 King St, Melbourne, VIC 3000. 86
74 Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981 Environmental scientist and risk assessor by day. Climate blogger at http://SkepticalScience.com and The Guardian by night 86
75 Duncan Green @fp2p From Poverty to Power blog links and tweets from Oxfam’s Senior Strategic Adviser, Duncan Green. Usual disclaimers. 86
76 Peter Burton @peteswildlife all things nature and wildlife FB http://www.facebook.com/peter.burton.92351 86
77 Jim Harris @JimHarris Former Leader, Green Party of Canada. International Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker 86
78 Alice Bell @alicebell Writer and researcher. Science, technology and the environment is my usual beat. 86
79 Sebastien Duyck @duycks Researcher (Human Rights, #Arctic Governance Climate Negotiations) at @Arctic_Centre, project manager & blogger on #UNFCCC for @tcktcktck, life-long learner 86
80 Gavin Schmidt @ClimateOfGavin Climate scientist, occasional juggler, even more occasional author, curious about how the world works. 86
81 Ben Goldsmith @BJGoldsmith Founder of green investment business, http://www.whebgroup.com, and executive producer of http://www.fireinbabylon.com. 85
82 Mohamed Nasheed @MohamedNasheed Maldives’ first democratically-elected President, Amnesty Intl’s Prisoner of Conscience, UN’s Champion of the Earth, Newsweek’s World’s 10 Best Leaders 85
83 Thomas Mulcair @ThomasMulcair Leader of Canada’s New Democrats, Official Opposition http://www.npd.ca 85
84 Joss Garman @jossgarman Deputy Political Director of @greenpeaceuk, but tweeting here in personal capacity. #freethearctic30 85
85 Jim McClelland @SustMeme Sustainable Futurist, Writer, Speaker. Ex-Editor & Founder sustain’. Clean + Green, CSR, Built Enviro, Smart Cities, Swarm Theory. http://sustmememagazine.com/ 84
86 Stephen Lacey @Stphn_Lacey Senior Editor at Greentech Media. Host of the Energy Gang podcast. Tweeting about energy, cleantech, the environment, media, politics and technology trends. (Oh, and writer of CK’s Tech Savvy column) 84
87 Tzeporah Berman @Tzeporah Campaigns for clean energy. Focused on tarsands & pipelines. Former co-director Climate Unit Greenpeace International. Co-founder ForestEthics. Author. Mom. 84
88 Jo Confino @joconfino Jo Confino is an executive editor of the Guardian, chairman and editorial director of Guardian Sustainable Business and advisor to Guardian Media Group. 84
89 Jeremy Leggett @JeremyLeggett Entrepreneur & writer on the energy crisis & climate change. I founded and chair Solarcentury & SolarAid so I could act as well as prattle. 84
90 Kate Galbraith @KateGalbraith Journalist @CALmatters. Alum of @TexasTribune, @nytimes, @TheEconomist. Co-author, The Great Texas Wind Rush. 83
91 Michael Liebreich @MLeibreich Founder & CEO, Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Non-exec, TfL. Professor, Imperial Coll. Entrepreneur, Olympic skier, Londoner, dad. All views personal. 82
92 Tom Steyer @TomSteyer California business leader. Philanthropist. Advanced energy advocate. Tartan tie enthusiast. 82
93 David Biello @dbiello History is a race between education and catastrophe: HG Wells. Me: Environment & Energy editor @sciam working on book about Anthropocene. All views my own 82
94 Roger Harrabin @RHarrabin BBC Enviornment and Energy Analyst. Also interested in transport, cities, risk, sustainability – whatever that means 82
95 Alok Jha @alokjha Science correspondent at the Guardian and BBC TV presenter. Currently stuck in Antartica with the Australaisan Antarctic Expedition 2013 for @GdnAntartica 81
96 Mark Tercek @MarkTercek President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature. http://www.marktercek.com 80
97 John Elkington @volansjohn Co-founder, Environmental Data Services (’78), SustainAbility (’87) and Volans (’08). Author 18 books. Blogs @ Volans, CSRWire, Guardian, johnelkington dot com. 78
98 Steven Guilbeault @s_guilbeault Environmentalist, writer when i can find the time and very proud dad! 78
99 Peggy Liu @shanghaipeggy @JUCCCE Chair. TIME Mag Enviro Hero. WEF Young Global Leader. The Hillary Step. China Business News: Top Innovative Business Leaders. Advisor to M&S, HP, FTSE 74
100 Bob Inglis @bobinglis Executive Director of The Energy and Enterprise Initiative and @republicEn. Former Rep. from SC’s 4th District. #AreYouEn 70


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